Group14 Provides CustomCells with Silicon Anode Material

German battery producer CustomCells and US-based silicon anode material manufacturer Group14 Technologies have signed a multi-year supply agreement for SCC55 material. The contract has an estimated value of more than 300 million US dollars, extending beyond 2030.

Extremely fast charging times and lower weight

Group14ʼs high-silicon material promises significantly higher energy density and therefore longer range of electric vehicles as well as extremely fast charging times and lower battery weight. CustomCells plans to integrate the material into its 4695 cylindrical cells which are intended for use in electric vehicles and electric aviation.

Collaboration in place since 2020

The two companies have been working together since 2020. Testing of the SCC55 silicon battery material has already taken place as part of the collaboration. According to CustomCells, prototype cells based on this material have already been delivered to customers and have been well received. The companies now intend to intensify their technical dialog, particularly in the areas of process technologies and cell chemistry.



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