Geely Unveils New LFP Battery Cells

Geely Auto Group from China has presented a new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery in blade format. According to the company, the battery features a high energy density of 192 watt-hours per kilogram, a compact design, and improved safety. It is not yet known when the cells will go into mass production.

Improvements over conventional blade batteries

Geely estimates the cycle life of the new battery at 3,500 cycles, corresponding to more than one million kilometers of charging and driving. Smaller dimensions and lower internal resistance are expected to reduce the rate of chemical reactions, thereby extending battery life. The use of carbon nanotubes and special additives is intended to improve ion transfer and increase charging performance. Data from Geely show that the new battery achieves an average charging time of about 17 minutes to go up from ten to 80 percent state of charge. According to the company, conventional blade batteries require an average of 26 minutes.

Focus on cell safety

The use of a high-strength, thermally stable membrane and specially developed self-fusing technology is designed to prevent short-circuiting and thermal runaway. To this end, Geely has subjected the battery to intensive testing, including simultaneous perforation with eight needles and a firing test with an infantry rifle. According to Geely, no negative effects occurred during these tests.



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