Nio and CATL to Jointly Develop Long-Life Batteries

Nio and CATL have agreed to collaborate on developing long-lasting batteries for electric vehicles. The two companies have signed a framework agreement to conduct research and development based on Nio’s requirements for its replaceable batteries. The goal is to reduce electric vehicle operating costs and to increase service life of Nio’s replaceable batteries.

Warranties on 20 million batteries to expire in China

The partnership builds on a strategic collaboration that began in January 2023. The collaboration will utilize technologies developed by CATL, such as self-repairing SEI (Solid Electrolyte Interphase) films and lithium additive integration. According to Nio founder and CEO William Li, battery life is a fundamental challenge for the entire industry. Warranties for electric vehicle batteries are typically eight years. In China, warranties on nearly 20 million of those batteries will expire between 2025 and 2032. The battery swapping system is Nio’s answer to the mismatch between battery life and vehicle life.



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