Stena Recycles Production Scrap from Morrow

While Morrow Batteries’ factory in Arendal, Norway, will commence test production this year, Stena Recycling from Halmstad, Sweden, will be responsible for processing the associated production waste. Stena will manage Morrow’s scrap for one-and-a-half years, including collection, storage, and transportation to southern Sweden’s new battery recycling plant.

High industrial-scale recovery rates

Regarded as one of Europe’s first industrial-scale battery recycling facilities, the plant boasts an advanced recycling process aimed at achieving high recovery rates of battery materials. Meanwhile, the recycling rate is not specified as it may vary depending on the battery material.

Joint recycling facility planned for Norway

According to both companies, the collaboration’s primary goal is to establish a fully circular battery value chain where recycled material re-enters battery cell production. Both partners also intend to jointly construct a larger recycling facility in Eyde Material Park in southern Norway to process Morrow’s waste streams in conjunction with other material flows.



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