ProLogium Opens Gigafactory for Solid-State Lithium-Ceramic Batteries

Taiwanese battery developer ProLogium Technology has officially opened its Taoke gigafactory in Taoyuan, Taiwan. According to the company, this marks the opening of the world’s first gigawatt-hour capacity solid-state lithium-ceramic battery plant.

Planned capacity of two gigawatt-hours

The factory’s first production line is expected to begin supplying automakers in 2024. The facility will serve as a demonstration plant for future global expansion and create 1,200 jobs. The Taoke factory has a planned capacity of two gigawatt-hours which is based on market demand. Initial production started in late 2023. The solid-state batteries will be distributed globally for electric vehicle production.

99.9% yield for single layer cells

Solid-state electrolytes are produced by continuous wet deposition, eliminating liquid electrolyte injection, soaking and degassing processes. The company claims to have achieved a yield target of 99.9% for single layer cells on the trial production line. At the official opening of the gigafactory, the company demonstrated a 106-ampere-hour high-silicon anode solid-state battery which was produced at the facility. 



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