Primobius to Build Recycling Hub for Mercedes

Primobius has been awarded an 18.8-million-euro contract to build a hydrometallurgical refining hub for the Mercedes plant in Kuppenheim, Germany. Primobius as a joint venture between Neometals Ltd. from Australia and Germany-based engineering and technology company SMS Group is responsible for the development, supply of equipment and installation of the refinery hub. The facility is designed to match the capacity required to process the intermediate feed material generated by the 2,500-tons-per-year shredding spoke that Primobius is currently building for Mercedes under a previous contract.

Material for 50,000 battery modules

Together, the shredding spoke as the first stage and the refining hub as the second one make up the entire recycling process. The aim of the entire plant is to recover materials such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt from used lithium cells. These materials will be reused in the production of 50,000 battery modules for new Mercedes vehicles.



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