SK On Aims for Intelligent Battery Production

South Korean battery manufacturer SK On has signed a memorandum of understanding with Beckhoff Automation, Cisco, IFM Electronic, Yaskawa Electric Korea, and Woowon Technology. The aim of the agreement is to improve control and communication systems in battery production. SK On hopes this will strengthen its competitiveness in manufacturing by reducing costs and increasing yields without the need for major modifications to their systems.

Increasing system speeds, reducing downtimes

The collaboration includes the development and implementation of critical components and systems for battery production. For example, improved controllers are to increase system speeds and the use of intelligent sensors is intended to reduce downtimes in production. Also, further development of network systems for the production facilities is planned.

Implementation as early as 2025

Accorind to SK On, the battery manufacturer intends to implement the latest devices and technologies in its Plant 3 in Seosan, which is currently under construction and is scheduled to start production in 2025. However, the knowledge gained from the partnership will also be applied in the group’s existing production facilities.



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