Farasis Presents Pouch Cells Integrated into Chassis

Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis Energy has presented its Super Pouch Solution (SPS) at the China International Supply Chain Expo 2023. The system is based on pouch cells that are integrated directly into the chassis and therefore do not require modules as an intermediate structure.

High energy density by eliminating modules

As a result, the system achieves an energy density of 220 watt-hours per kilogram. Through the use of large-format, semi-solid pouch cells integrated directly into the chassis, a volume utilization of 75% is achieved. By varying the cells’ thickness from 85 to 145 millimeters, the capacity of the battery system can be adapted from 80 to 150 kilowatt-hours. In terms of charging and discharging rates, Farasis speaks of “2C to 6C and more.”

Compatibility with various chemical systems

According to Farasis, the production line will also be compatible with various chemical systems, including liquid, semi-solid and solid batteries. This enables the company to meet the numerous requirements of various car manufacturers.



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