Czech Electrolyte Project Transferred to Morocco

Chinese conglomerate Tinci Group, a supplier of electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries, recently decided to move its major electrolyte production project from the Czech Republic to Morocco.

Originally, Tinci Materials Group planned to implement the project in the Czech Republic. However, several factors led to the discontinuation, including weakened economy, logistical bottlenecks in personnel and materials, and changes in the investment climate as well as in the political situation in the Czech Republic. The abandonment led to the closure of the local subsidiary Tinci Materials Technology Czech S.R.O., which was established specifically to manage the factory project with a planned capacity of 100,000 tons per year.

Relocated project requires 260 million euros

The new project will be located in the Jorf Lasfar Industrial Park in Casablanca and will require an investment of approximately 260 million euros. The expected construction period is 24 months. Once completed, the plant will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of electrolyte, 100,000 tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate, and 50,000 tons of iron and lithium phosphate.


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