BASF and WHW Recycling Agree to Process Production Waste

BASF and WHW Recycling have signed an agreement on processing cathode and anode waste from battery cell production. WHW is a joint venture of Walch Holding and the owner of the Slovakian waste management company Fecupral. The separation of materials by WHW is said to complements BASFʼs processes for the collection and processing of production waste.

New electrode foil recycling facilities

As part of the collaboration, WHW will process cathode and anode foil waste from battery cell production and separate it into its components. For this purpose, the company will be commissioning two new plants in Baudenbach, Germany, by the end of the year. A patented process will be used to recover aluminum from the cathode foil and copper from the anode waste. The remaining contaminated cathode material will be refined by BASF. The resulting minerals can then be used to produce new cathode material.



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