Kyburz and Vitesco Collaborate on Battery Recycling

Kyburz from Switzerland and German drive supplier Vitesco Technologies have entered into a collaboration. The aim of the partnership is to industrialize an innovative recycling process for lithium-ion batteries. To this end, new recycling systems for LFP batteries are to be brought to market maturity.

Further development of the first “Liberty” plant

Kyburz provides comprehensive expertise in battery recycling, while Vitesco contributes know-how in process automation and production technology. Since 2020, Kyburz has been operating its first recycling plant in Freienstein, Switzerland. An advanced version of this “Liberty” plant is now to be built in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Saxony. The process extracts the batteryʼs active materials directly so that they can be reused for new cathodes and anodes.

Economic efficiency is a decisive factor

In contrast to traditional battery recycling, which splits the materials into individual raw materials, the Kyburz method requires less energy and thus reduces costs. This factor is considered crucial for the economic recycling of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) or sodium-ion batteries.



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