Swiss Battery Start-up Raises Three Million Euros

ETH Zurich spin-off “8inks” has developed an innovative technology for multi-layer coating in lithium-ion battery production. In a successful pre-seed round, the company raised three million euros to scale up its patented technology.

Production up to ten times faster

According to the developers, their manufacturing platform addresses current challenges in battery production. The company claims that thanks to a multi-layer process technology, new and established battery designs and materials can be produced up to ten times faster, resulting in average cost savings of 30%.

Significant improvement of energy density

The battery production process was inspired by techniques from paper and photo industries. The coating process is designed to reduce both capital and operational costs while significantly improving the batteriesʼ energy density. According to “8inks”, the technology which has already been validated in the companyʼs laboratory and in an external testing facility, bridges the gap between production requirements and battery performance. The newly raised capital from the pre-seed funding round will be used to quantify the technologyʼs leverage in an industrial-scale pilot plant.



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