New Study Examines Acceleration of Battery Cell Development

Capgemini Engineering and the Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) of RWTH Aachen University have published an in-depth analysis of the challenges in the development of battery cells for electric vehicles. The “Accelerating Battery Cell Development” report highlights how existing processes can be optimized with the aim of shortening the time to market for new battery cells.

Early digitalization is crucial

According to the study, the identification of certain factors is crucial for optimizing the development process.

  • Integration of simulation tools: The early use of digital simulations during the development phase enables virtual verification of key requirements, which reduces both testing and development cycles.
  • Linking product and process perspectives: It is necessary to closely link product development and production processes right from the start in order to minimize difficulties during production start-up due to suboptimal product design features.
  • Standardization of development processes: Establishing clear standards and methods help to increase efficiency of parallel as well as subsequent development activities.
  • Database support and transparency: Standardized data access – from material requirements to finished product specifications – across all workstreams ensures clear goals and objectives for each development team.
  • Digital end-to-end toolchain to support cell development: The implementation of a digital end-to-end tool chain is a key element, as it can significantly accelerate development processes through consistent digitalization.

The entire study is available online for download:


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