Start-up “tozero” Ships out Recycled Lithium

Munich-based start-up company “tozero” has begun delivering recycled lithium to its first commercial clients. The material originates from the company’s own pilot plant in Karlsfeld, which “tozero” launched last year. According to the company, its state-of-the-art hydrometallurgy process enables a recovery rate of more than 80% for materials such as lithium and graphite.

70% fewer carbon emissions

The first batch of recycled lithium was delivered to European clients in March 2024, with “tozero” claiming that materials from the supply chain can cause up to 70% fewer carbon emissions. The Bavarian company aims to produce hundreds of tons of recycled lithium by 2026 in order to minimize waste from lithium-ion batteries. “Our mission is to reduce lithium-ion battery waste to zero and achieve a net-zero carbon emission future,” says “tozero” co-founder and CEO, Sarah Fleischer.



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