Sicona Announces Expansion into the US Market

The Australian material developer and producer Sicona Battery Technologies has announced its expansion into the US market by revealing the development of its first commercial production facility in the southeastern United States. The company plans to establish a production facility for silicon-carbon anode materials with a capacity of 6,700 tons annually. This positions Sicona as the largest manufacturer of silicon-carbon anode materials in the United States, surpassing the capacities of silicon-carbon facilities located in the northwest of the country, which are currently under construction or in development.

By early 2030, Sicona aims to expand its US production to a total output of 26,500 tons per year, sufficient to support over 3.25 million electric vehicles. Sicona SiCxTM, the anode material produced by the company, has the potential to significantly improve the range and charging times of current electric vehicles.

The silicon-carbon anode material (Sicona SiCxTM) is expected to increase energy density by over 20 percent compared to conventional lithium-ion battery cells made solely from graphite while reducing charging times by more than 40 percent. Moreover, Sicona’s technology does not rely on expensive, hazardous, bottlenecked, or emission-intensive supply chains like silane gas, providing Sicona’s customers with access to competitive prices and scalability without incurring significant costs or disruptive restructurings in their battery production facilities.

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