BASF Starts Metal Refinery for Battery Recycling

BASF has successfully commissioned its prototype metal refinery for battery recycling in Schwarzheide. The facility enables the development of operational processes and optimization of battery recycling technology. Implementing this technology on a larger scale later is intended to enable optimal recovery of valuable metals such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, and copper. The new prototype metal refinery marks another milestone in establishing Europe’s first joint center for battery material production and recycling in Schwarzheide. It complements the existing BASF facility for cathode materials and the battery recycling plant for the production of black mass, which is scheduled to commence operations later this year.

“Given the expected rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, battery recycling offers a competitive and sustainable access to key metals,” says Dr. Daniel Schönfelder, President of the Catalysts division at BASF, responsible for the company’s battery material and battery recycling business. “The recovered metals will enable a real, local circular economy for the battery value chain.”

BASF aims to develop and expand its metal refining technology to establish a commercial-scale refinery in Europe in the coming years. This will strengthen BASF’s presence in Europe and complement a robust collection network for used batteries and waste from battery production, as well as the production of black mass and battery materials. This approach aims to accelerate the transition to circular electromobility in Europe and support the development of a sustainable ecosystem for battery materials.



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