Ferrari Enhances Battery Cell Expertise

Ferrari is intensifying its focus on battery cell knowledge, recognizing its critical role in the transition towards electrified vehicles. CEO Benedetto Vigna stated on Monday that while prioritizing battery technology, the company does not intend to embark on in-house cell production. Since 2019, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has been marketing hybrid electric cars and has announced its first fully electric vehicle expected by the end of next year. With sales nearing 14,000 cars last year, Ferrari may lack the scale necessary for profitable internal cell production.

“At the inauguration of a battery cell research center, in collaboration with the University of Bologna and chipmaker NXP Semiconductors, Vigna emphasized, ‘We aim to dissect and comprehend the inner workings of cells.'”
During a presentation, Vigna reiterated, “Production will invariably remain with external manufacturers, leveraging the insights we aim to gain from this research center.”

“We cannot afford to regard cells as black boxes,” he added.
The E-Cells Lab, focused on electrochemistry, aims to bolster Ferrari’s long-term understanding of battery cells sourced from external suppliers. “We anticipate a rising demand for cells and the necessity to comprehend their chemistry,” emphasized Vigna. Initially concentrating on lithium-based liquid cells, the E-Cells Lab remains open to exploring novel chemical processes and technologies. However, Vigna expressed reservations regarding solid-state batteries as a viable option for now.



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