LMFP: Mitra Chem Collaborates with Saint-Gobain Ceramics

US-American battery developer Mitra Chem and Saint-Gobain Ceramics have announced a partnership. The goal of the collaboration is to accelerate the production of lithium iron manganese phosphate (LMFP) cathode materials for use in lithium-ion batteries.

Mass production capability targeted for 2026

As part of the project, both companies want to demonstrate market readiness of LMFP cathodes using an IRA-compliant supply chain. The collaboration combines Saint-Gobain Ceramics’ expertise in synthesis methodology with Mitra Chem’s cathode material development capabilities to develop a solvent-free, sulfate-free and effluent-free process. Results already achieved include a successful technology demonstration and economic evaluation. According to the partners, the companies are confident LMFP mass production could begin as early as 2026.



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