Panasonic Considers Expansion of Battery Production in the US

Tesla supplier Panasonic is considering increasing its investment in battery production in Kansas, USA. With an amount of four billion US dollars, the Japanese company has already started constructing its second plant in De Soto and is considering a third one in the state of Kanas.

Decision on further investments by end of the year

The new plant will also produce the 4680 battery model for Tesla. According to different sources, Panasonic still needs to evaluate other investments in Kansas and consider various factors. The company has not yet finalized the project. It is said that production efficiency of the 4680 battery model is currently being tested in Wakayama, Japan. Panasonic plans to decide by the end of 2024 whether or not to increase investment in Kansas. Panasonic targets an annual battery production capacity of 200 gigawatt-hours by March 2031 – four times as much as at the beginning of 2024. The expansion will mainly take place in the USA.



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