LeydenJar to Build Silicon Anode Factory in the Netherlands

LeydenJar Technologies, a Dutch developer of battery technologies, has announced the construction of its first factory in the Strijp-T area of Eindhoven, Netherlands. The plant will produce silicon anode foils for high-energy-density batteries. The opening is scheduled for 2026. In 2022, LeydenJar received 30 million euros in financing from the European Investment Bank to realize the project.

70% higher energy density

The anodes developed by LeydenJar will be used in lithium-ion batteries and, according to the company, will significantly increase capacity and reduce charging times. According to the company, the anodes’ energy density is 70% higher than that of conventional anodes, and at the same time the anodes can be made up to ten times thinner. This could lead to lighter and more compact products which also offer longer runtimes per charge.

Production equipment developed in-house

Once operational in 2026, the plant is expected to produce pure silicon anode foil at an annual capacity of 70 megawatt-hours. According to the manufacturer, this would be enough for four million smartphone batteries. Production tools for the plant have been developed by LeydenJar in-house. The anodes are to be used in batteries for various product categories such as drones, smartwatches, phones, and laptops.



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