Battery Research: KLiB Criticizes Massive Cuts

The Competence Network Lithium-Ion Batteries (KLiB) has expressed its concern about the latest cuts to the Climate and Transformation Fund (KTF) by the German government. According to KLiB on LinkedIn, around 75% of the funding for battery research planned for 2024 will be affected by the cuts.

Tantamount to German research phase-out

KLiB chairman Burkhard Straube interprets the cuts as a possible German exit from battery research which would cause lasting damage to the country as a technology hotspot. Therefore, KLiB calls on the German government to reconsider its decision. The competitiveness of German industry must not be jeopardized, Straube states. Otherwise this could result in an increasing shortage of skilled workers and deindustrialization.

KTF adjustment following court ruling

In a statement on the cuts to the KTF, the German government emphasizes that the fund remains a key instrument for supporting energy transformation and climate protection. Following a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, 60 billion euros had to be cut from the fund’s reserves, which led to a realignment of the available funds. For 2024, the KTF now has 49 billion euros at its disposal. The government stresses that important programs to modernize the industry will continue. These include the promotion of electric mobility and the support of battery cell production with a total of around 500 million euros.



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