University of Braunschweig opens CircularLab

The University of Braunschweig has officially opened its CircularLab at Braunschweig Research Airport. Covering an area of 1,250 square meters, the facility aims to create a closed loop for battery materials to ensure sustainability and independence from critical raw materials. This includes the promotion of resource-saving electrode and cell production as well as efficient recycling.

Third facility of “Battery LabFactory Braunschweig”

To achieve these goals, existing production processes are being investigated and optimized on a pilot scale, including electrode production and drying technologies. The “Battery LabFactory Braunschweig” research center now comprises three research facilities. The ProductionLab, DiagnosisLab, and CircularLab cover the entire life cycle and circular production of lithium-ion batteries, including material synthesis and functionalization as well as electrode, cell, module and system development and production, as well as the recycling of production scrap and aged battery systems.



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