New LG Material is Extremely Flame-Resistant

LG Chem has announced that, in collaboration with LX Hausys, it has developed a material that delays the thermal runaway of batteries and can withstand a flame of 1,500 degrees Celsius for more than 20 minutes.

14 times longer stability

The 1.6-millimeter-thin material, called “Special Flame Retardant Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic (Special Flame Retardant CFT),” is said to withstand strong flames and high pressure more than 14 times longer than existing thermoplastics. It combines the technology of LG Chem’s super flame-retardant material with the manufacturing technology of “Continuous Fiber Thermoplastics (CFT)” from LX Hausys. This material, developed last year, had already been able to withstand flames with a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees for a period of more than ten minutes, which was currently a world record. LX Hausys now improved the performance of LG Chem’s material by using a manufacturing technology in which the layers are applied in the form of a tape.

LG Chem, Ltd.: Material Delays Thermal Runaway Even at 1,500°C for 20 Minutes: LG Chem-LX Hausys, Making a Breakthrough in the Development of a Material that Delays Battery Thermal Runaway (


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