24M Technologies unveils Electrode-to-Pack technology

24M has unveiled its Electrode-to-Pack System (ETOP™), which integrates the electrodes directly into the battery pack, eliminating the need for separate cells and modules.

According to 24M, the ETOP™ achieves pack efficiencies of more than 70 percent, one of the highest available pack-level volume efficiencies. In addition to the optimized process and reduced material consumption, the unit electrodes can be connected in series, parallel, or in combination. This makes it possible to create configurations that are no longer limited by the voltage and capacity of individual cells.

Cell manufacturers, automotive OEMs, and ESS integrators produce battery packs and modules from single cells. However, battery packs contain a significant amount of inactive materials, such as supporting metals and plastics, in the cell housing. The 24M ETOP™ technology eliminates other cell materials within the battery pack. This enables manufacturers to achieve the highest energy density at the pack level while reducing costs.

Source: https://24-m.com/pressrelease/


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