Tesla Could Build Battery Storage Factory in India

Tesla has developed extensive plans to manufacture and sell battery storage systems in India and has already submitted a proposal to relevant authorities to discuss possible incentives for factory construction. This was reported by Reuters news agency with reference to internal sources.

Production of a $24,000 electric car

According to the report, for several weeks Tesla has been in intense talks to build a new electric vehicle factory in India. The company’s goal is the production of an electric car at an affordable price of around $24,000. It is said that negotiations are being conducted under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tesla’s foray into renewable energy has not been public knowledge until now. During recent meetings in New Delhi, Tesla proposed the idea of expanding the country’s battery storage capacity by using its so-called Powerwall, an innovative system that stores electricity from solar panels or the grid and makes it available for use at night or during power outages.

Further negotiations in New Delhi

While Tesla has applied for various incentives to build the battery storage factory, it has been reported that Indian authorities are currently unable to provide them. However, consideration is being given to creating an equitable business model through subsidies for potential buyers of such products. Both Tesla and the Indian government are showing interest in this idea, which is currently under consideration in New Delhi.



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