Gotion Puts German Production Line for Battery Packs into Operation

The first automated production line for battery packs at Gotion High-tech’s German facility in Göttingen was officially put into operation. The planned production capacity of 20 gigawatt-hours will be completed in four phases. By mid-2024, the actual production capacity is expected to reach five gigawatt-hours. Once fully operational, annual production value is expected to reach two billion euros.

The Göttingen plant will produce battery packs for commercial vehicles, energy storage systems, and passenger cars. In addition, the factory will play an important role as a research and development, logistics, and customer service center for Gotion’s European manufacturing and operations base. Ray Chen, vice president of Gotion Global, informs us that the factory’s production line is extremely automated, with an overall automation level of nearly 70 percent and even close to 80 percent in module assembly.

In parallel with the opening, Gotion High-tech has signed impressive cooperation agreements with five international companies, covering various aspects such as battery materials, product development, and the supply of automotive and energy storage products. The partnership with BASF China on battery materials projects is particularly important, as well as the cooperation with ABB from Switzerland for battery supplies and joint technological research and development to support new factories in Europe and the US. With Ebusco, Gotion will focus on the development and production of battery systems for energy storage, as well as wind and solar energy storage projects. In addition, Gotion will collaborate with Ficosa and Idneo in intelligent mobile energy storage, charging vehicles, battery banking, battery recycling, BMS, and Big Data engineering.



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