OCSiAl is Constructing a Graphene Nanotube Facility in Europe

OCSiAl, a leading provider of graphene nanotube technologies, has received construction approval for a nanotube production facility near Belgrade, Serbia. The new nanotube synthesis plant will be launched in 2024 and will have a planned annual capacity of 120 tonnes per year.

This plant will not only produce nanotubes but also produce high-quality nanotube suspensions for lithium-ion battery manufacturers in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. This volume is expected to be sufficient to significantly improve the performance of more than 1 million electric cars. The nanotubes play a critical role in creating electrical networks between active material particles in batteries, resulting in longer life, higher C-rate performance, and better cohesion between active material particles.

Graphene nanotubes also enable the development of new battery technologies, including high-silicon anodes, thick LFP cathodes, fast-charging graphite anodes, and more. They are highly versatile and find application in both conventional and innovative battery technologies such as dry deposition and solid-state batteries.

Source: https://ocsial.com/news/ocsial-is-constructing-a-graphene-nanotube-facility-in-europe-to-enhance-1-mln-electric-cars-per-year/


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