Solid-state batteries: ProLogium receives billion-dollar funding

The European Commission is supporting Taiwanese battery producer ProLogium with €1.5 billion for its “Prometheus” project to develop solid-state batteries for electric vehicles. The funding is scheduled to run until the end of 2029 and is being granted as part of a French program for new e-mobile battery technologies.

Overcoming shortcomings of lithium-ion batteries

ProLogium’s stated goals include overcoming the limitations of conventional lithium-ion batteries with the first generation of solid-state batteries. Subsequently, the second generation is expected to have higher energy density and greater sustainability. In addition, ProLogium is committed to developing recycling processes and strategies for the components of solid-state batteries, and to actively sharing the acquired technical know-how with industry and academia.

Significant for “European Green Deal

The assessment of the measure under EU state aid rules concluded that it promoted the development of the industry and had an incentive effect. The positive effects outweigh potential distortions of competition and trade in the EU. The project is of great importance to the “European Green Deal,” he said.



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