Enpower: Enpower is a solid-state battery company dedicated to the commercialization of the next-gen batteries including the Lithium Metal Batteries and All-Solid-State Batteries, and along with their Key Materials. Enpower has operations in China, Japan, USA and Germany, drawing from the top talent and regional advantages of all four to execute on breakthrough innovations. Enpower works closely with Nobel Laureate Dr. John Goodenough, one of the inventors of the lithium-ion battery, and his lab at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as Dr. Ryoji Kanno, the inventor of the sulfide-based super-ionic conductor, with Tokyo Institute of Technology. Backed by Softbank and Sequoia, Enpower also maintained strategic partnerships with more than 30 established companies up and down the supply chain. Verified a record-breaking Lithium Metal Battery with an ultra-high energy density of 520 Wh/kg , Enpower’s mission is to realize a carbon neutral future through the promotion of next-generation batteries.


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